Contact API Documentation

This page summarizes information on the Contact API endpoints that Act-On Software offers to developers and customers. You can click through to find details on each endpoint. For related APIs, take a look at the list APIs and the reporting APIs For questions, please post to our developers forum.

All API calls to Act-On Software should be made to the "" base domain.

Contact Methods

The Act-On Contact Methods allow you to create, update and remove contacts in your Act-On lists.

Method Name


  • Add a Contact

  • Get Contact History and Score

  • Get Contact Record

  • Update Contact Record by Email

  • Delete a Contact

  • Get Subscription Categories

  • Get Opt-Outs by Subscription Category

  • Update Subscriptions by Email

  • Get Opt-In Subscriptions by Email

  • Set Multiple Subscriptions by Email

  • Get Contact Based on Cookie or Email