API Authentication and Agency Sub-Accounts

We generally recommend that child accounts have a unique user added to them directly, rather than being assigned as an Agency Manager. However, if an Agency Manager is preferred as the access point, there are a few steps you'll need to take in order to set a password for that user at the child account level.

If you're an Agency user, you'll know that managers are assigned to sub-accounts, and log in to them via the Agency Panel. As a result, they only have one username and password, which only provides access to the Agency's Master account. The Agency Panel automates the login process for accessing their assigned sub-accounts. Within the underlying system, however, we create a unique username for the child account whenever an agency manager is assigned. This always follows the pattern of <account #>_youremail@domain.com. Here's an example:

Parent Account - Login Email: manager@company.com
Child Account 1 - 1234_manager@company.com
Child Account 2 - 6245_manager@company.com
Child Account 3 - 9870_manager@company.com

You can find the account number by going to the Home > Start page of your Act-On account, and looking at the "Account" widget. You should see your account's name, with the account number in parentheses after it (e.g. "Acme Co. (1234)").

Once you know the direct login username for an account, you can generate a password for it by going to the login page, enter the username to attempt a login, then use the "Forgot Password" link to reset the password. The password reset email will be sent to the actual email address that the username is based upon.

Once you have set a password for the child account, you can use the child account username and password instead of your normal login credentials to connect via the API.


Grant Type Password
Grant Type Code
Grant Type Refresh
Account API
Get account information
Create new account user
Delete account users
Delete account user
Get email senders
Fact API
Upload custom events
Get upload custom event status
List API
Get listing of lists
Download a list
Create a new list
Update or merge a list
Get list upload status
Get rejected records from an upload
Delete a list
Delete records from a list
Get hard bounce list
Get spam complaint list
Get optout list
Update optout list
Get subscription opt-outs by category
Content API
Get logo list
Get a logo
Add a logo
Update a logo
Delete a logo
Get header list
Get a header
Add a header
Update a header
Delete a header
Get footer list
Get a footer
Add a new footer
Delete a footer
Update a footer
Get image list
Get an image
Add an image
Replace an image
Delete an image
Get media list
Get media file
Add a media file
Add a media link
Update Media File
Delete a media object
Get form list
Get promotional form URLs
Get page list
Get page
Delete page
Get promotional page URLs
Get list of programs
Reporting API
Get message report
Get message report drilldown
Get message report by time period
Get media report
Get media message report
Get a media view report
Get a media timeline report
Get form report
Get page report
Get spam complaint list
Get hard bounce list
Email Campaign API
Get message list
Send a message
Resend a message
Add new template or draft message
Update template or draft message
Delete a message
Get message report
Get message report drilldown
Get message report by time period
Get message HTML contents
Contact API
Add a contact
Get contact record
Upsert a contact record by email
Update a contact by record ID
Delete a contact
Get contact record ID based on cookie value
Get contact from list based on cookie ID or e-mail
Get contact fact and score data
Get subscription categories
Opt in/Opt out subscription category by email address
Get subscription category opt-ins by email
Opt in/Opt out multiple subscription categories by email address
Get SEO keywords
Get a new SEO report
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