Unified Contact List API Documentation

This page summarizes information on the Unified Contact List (UCL) API endpoints that Act-On Software offers to developers and customers. You can click through to find details on each endpoint. For related APIs, please include the Contact API as well.

All API calls to Act-On Software should be made to the "https://restapi.actonsoftware.com" base domain.

Contact Methods

Act-On Unified Contact List Methods allow you create and manage segments within your All Contacts List (Unified Contacts List).  You can also use the Contact API to manage individual contacts within the Unified Contacts List.

Method Name


  • Get UCL Opt-Out List

  • Get UCL Spam Complaint List

  • Get UCL Hard Bounce List

  • Delete UCL Segment

  • Download UCL Segment

  • Get UCL Segments

  • Create New UCL Segment

  • Update UCL Segment

  • Delete Records From Segment

  • Get List Upload Status

  • Upload CSV