Create new account user

Create one or more users for an account.


Name Parameter
Data Type Description
Authorization: Header False Required String (Bearer {access token}) Pass the authentication token that was granted when you authorized access.
userspecs form false Required String JSON formatted specs of the users to create. One or more users may be in the userspecs. See userspecs documentation for details.

Note: See userspecs


Following are example requests:




A successful request results in an HTTP 200 response with a JSON object with the results listing.

Each user is created independently. A failure of one user will not prevent other users from being created. The user creation is independent of the privilege setting (i.e. contactLists, accountWideEmail) so the user can be created successfully but not be assigned the proper privileges.

The response will indicate which actions were successful and which were not. Each element will have “status” of “ok” or “error” along with “email” to indicate which user the element is for.

An example JSON response:


In the above example two users were created. The user did not specify any user privileges so that element is empty and the user received all the default settings. For the user the user privileges were specified in userspecs. All were properly applied except for “ADMINISTRATOR” privilege; that one failed so the default value remains in place.

Grant Type Password
Grant Type Code
Grant Type Refresh
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