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POST  /api/1/list/{id}/record

Add an individual contact to a list in Act-On.


Name Parameter
Data Type Description
authorization header false required string Insert your generated access token.
(Bearer {access token})
accountId Path false required number Account ID where query needs to be done
segmentId Path False required String Specify the list ID in which you would like to access.
pageSize query false optional number (maximum=1000) Specify the number of elements to fetch.
pageNumber query false optional number Specify the element offset to begin the fetch.
search query false optional String Specify word to filter records from segment
columns Query False Optional String Using a semicolon as the delimiter specify the fields (URLEncoded Required) you would like returned.


  "id": "q-0383",
  "pageNumber": 0,
  "pageSize": 100,
  "search": "",
  "headers": [
    "E-mail Address",
    "Cell Phone",
    "Created Date",
    "Modified Date"
  "contacts": {
    "l-unified-contacts:4e4c3": [
     "[email protected]",
      "Feb 25 2022 13:44 Chile/Continental",
      "Feb 25 2022 13:44 Chile/Continental"
    "l-unified-contacts:4e883": [
      "[email protected]",
      "May 31 2022 15:25 Chile/Continental",
      "May 31 2022 15:25 Chile/Continental"
  "totalCount": 2,
  "rowIds": {
    "l-unified-contacts:4e883": 321667,
    "l-unified-contacts:4e4c3": 320707