Get contact fact and score data

Get a contact record's activity facts and scores.


Name Parameter
Data Type Description
Authorization: Header False Required String (Bearer {access token}) Pass the authentication token that was granted when you authorized access.
listid Path False Required String The listid of the list.
recordid Path False Required String The recordid of the contact.




Success results in an HTTP 200 response in JSON object containing the contact’s activity and scoring data.  The ‘activitylist’ field contains fact objects, each with a ‘verb’ code from the table below and a ‘what’ field that further describes the behavior.

verb behavior
s sent
os opened and sent
E exported
r response
d document
fv form viewed
fs form signup
fu form update
b web beacon
sv site visit
l landing page visit
oi opt-in
oo opt-out
wr registered for webinar
wa attended webinar
custom custom event
hb hard bounce
sb soft bounce
sp spam complaint
sto search org
stp search paid

A successful request results in a JSON response that can be quite long. Following is an example that has been trimmed for from a response that was over 20,000 lines long:

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