mergespecs direct Act-On to handle specifics when merging data into an existing list. When you append or update an existing list, mergespecs is required.

It uses the parameters listed in the following table.

mergespecs parameters

Name Parameter Type Allow Multiple Required/
Data Type Description
mergeMode action N Required String one of the following modes to use in implementing merge:
- APPEND; simple append
- APPEND_NO_DUPLICATES; append while skipping duplicates
- UPSERT; update existing and insert new records
- UPDATE_ONLY; update existing records.
- REPLACE: replace the entire contents of the list with the uploaded records. Any records in the list that are not in the uploaded records are deleted.
dstListId id Required String id of the list being updated.
columnMap Required array list columnMap is not currently supported and this functionality will be added in a planned v2 revision of this endpoint. columnMap must currently be specified as "columnMap": [] and your source and destination lists must have a 1:1 column index.
createSegment Optional String if set to 1, creates a segment from records merged into the destination list.
mergeKeyHeading Required String heading name in the source data used to merge data into the destination list. If this is not specified, it uses the identified EMAIL column.


Example of mergespecs:

Grant Type Password
Grant Type Code
Grant Type Refresh
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