Update a List

PUT https://restapi.actonsoftware.com/api/1/list/{listid}

This endpoint allows you to upload a file update to an existing list in the account.


Name Parameter
Data Type Description
Authorization: Header False Required String Insert your generated access token.
(Bearer {access token})
listid Path False Required String Specify the ID of the list being updated.
headings Form False Optional String Does the first row of the source data contain a heading?
fieldseparator Form False Optional String Set the field separator character
quotecharacter Form False Required String Set field quote character
uploadspecs Form False Required String A JSON formatted object to describe the structure of the list that is being uploaded.
mergespecs Form False Required String A JSON formatted object to describe the structure of how the list is merged.
putEmptyValues Form False Optional String Do you want values in the destination list to be overwritten by blanks if the source list is blank for the corresponding column?
("Y", "N")
Body False Required File The output file in CSV format.

Parameter Notes


Please see the uploadspecs page to learn how to format your uploadspecs.


Please see the mergespecs page to learn how to format your mergespecs.


  "status": "success",
  "message": "Upload completed",
  "jobId": "15960012"

Code Examples


curl -X PUT https://restapi.actonsoftware.com/api/1/list/l-001e -H "Authorization: Bearer 12345678-9abc-defg-hijk-lmnopqrs" -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" -F "headings=Y" -F "fieldseparator=COMMA" -F "quotecharacter=NONE" -F 'uploadspecs=[{"columnHeading":"E-mail Address","ignoreColumn":"N","columnType":"EMAIL","columnIndex":0},{"columnHeading":"FIRSTNAME","ignoreColumn":"N","columnType":"FIRSTNAME","columnIndex":1},{"columnHeading":"LASTNAME","ignoreColumn":"N","columnType":"LASTNAME","columnIndex":2}]' -F 'mergespecs=[{"dstListId": "l-001e","mergeMode": "APPEND","columnMap": []}]' -F filename=Book1.csv -F [email protected]

import requests

url = "https://restapi.actonsoftware.com/api/1/list/l-001e"

headers = {
  'Authorization': "Bearer 54a971bd-9868-3503-be89-f398781e97e4",
'cache-control': "no-cache"

data = {'headings': 'Y',
'fieldseparator': 'COMMA',
'quotecharacter': 'NONE',
'uploadspecs': '[{"columnHeading":"E-mail Address","ignoreColumn":"N","columnType":"EMAIL","columnIndex":0},{"columnHeading":"FIRSTNAME","ignoreColumn":"N","columnType":"FIRSTNAME","columnIndex":1},{"columnHeading":"LASTNAME","ignoreColumn":"N","columnType":"LASTNAME","columnIndex":2}]',
'mergespecs': '[{"dstListId": "l-001e","mergeMode": "APPEND","columnMap": []}]',
'listId': 'l-001e',
'filename': 'Book1.csv'}

files = {'file':('Book1.csv', open('Book1.csv', 'rb'))}

response = requests.request("PUT", url, headers=headers, data = data, files = files)