Upsert a contact record by email

Update an existing record or insert a new contact record using the email address that you specify using the following logic:

  • If the email address exists in the list, only the first record matching that email address is updated with the data you provide.
  • If the email address is not already in the list, a new record is added.

Please take note that this means that any duplicate records are NOT updated.


Name Parameter
Data Type Description
Authorization: Header False Required String (Bearer {access token}) Pass the authentication token that was granted when you authorized access
listid Path False Required String The listid of the list.
email Query False Required String The email address of the contact to update.
async Query N Optional String Defines whether this request is synchronous or asynchronous. The endpoint is synchronous by default, but with some very large lists may timeout. If a list you are working with is timing out when using this endpoint, this can be set to "Y" or "y" for an async response.
Body False Required String A JSON object with name/value pairs that represent the information to be updated or inserted. Example: {"firstname":"John", "lastname":"Smith"}






Default synchronous response:

A successful request results in an HTTP 200 response with a JSON object like the following:

Asynchronous response:

The jobId can then be exchanged for a result using the Get List Upload Status endpoint


Grant Type Password
Grant Type Code
Grant Type Refresh
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