Event Triggered Email Documentation

Event Triggered Email is a service for sending email to a recipient in response to a specific event or transaction (and not as part of a bulk marketing campaign). You can use the API for messages that need to be immediately sent.

Transactional Event-Triggered Email

Use for non-commercial notifications when communication is critical and it conforms to the legal definition of Transactional Email. Only available with Transactional Email add-on.
Use Cases:
  • Password reset
  • Fraud alert
  • Hotel booking confirmation
  • Account sign-up (introductory, password)
  • Form auto-responder
  • Webinar Reminders
  • Quarterly or annual financial filing information for investors
  • Unsubscribe confirmations
  • Subscription, double opt-in, or account creation confirmations
  • Purchase receipt emails
  • Account notification emails - security breach, completed in-app jobs/events, permission or activity changes, usage summary

Commercial Event-Triggered Email

Use for promotional marketing emails that need to be suppressed against your unsubscribed contacts
Use Cases
  • Abandoned shopping cart reminder
  • Anniversary offers
  • Time-sensitive promotions
  • Product Recommendations
  • Website Browsing Remarketing
  • Loyalty Program Messaging
  • Personalized Digest Emails

Method Name


  • Commercial Event Triggered Email

  • Transactional Event Triggered Email