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This page summarizes information on the List API endpoints that Act-On Software offers to developers and customers. For information on working directly with contacts in a list, please see the Contact API documentation You can click through to find details on each endpoint. For questions, please post to our developers forum.

All API calls to Act-On Software should be made to the "" base domain.

Customers wanting to access our API via our gateway in the EU can use this link: 


Working with lists

Using the Act-On APIs, you can create, update, and merge into lists. For this functionality, you need to know how to get the ID of your newly created list or of any list(s) with which you want to work, and you need to understand how to create and use both uploadSpecs and mergeSpecs.

Any time that you create a new list, the list ID is returned. Once you create a list using POST /api/1/list with uploadspecs (to indicate the headings/system that you need), you can merge your list data using a csv file.

To get the ID for all lists that exist within any Act-On account, use GET list listing (listed in the endpoints table below).


Method Name Endpoint Description
Get List of Assets GET /api/1/list Get a list of all lists, or a list of lists of a specified type. You can get a list from most Act-On listing types (see the table below).
Download a List GET/api/1/list/{listid} Download the specified list from your account.
Create a New List POST /api/1/list Create a new list in your account.
Update a List PUT /api/1/list/{listid} Update or Merge to an existing Act-On list.
Delete a List DELETE /api/1/list/{listid} Delete the specified list from your account.
Delete Records from List DELETE /api/1/list/{listid}/record Delete multiple records from the specified list.
Get Hard Bounce List GET /api/1/list/hardbounce Get a list of hard bounces associated with the account.
Get Spam Complaint List GET /api/1/list/spamcomplaint Get a list of spam complaints from your account.
Get Opt-Out List GET /api/1/list/optout Get a list of optouts associated with the account.
Update Opt-Out List PUT /api/1/list/optout Update or Merge to an existing optout list.
uploadspecs   When using the "Create a new list" endpoint this argument provides information about the source CSV. When using "Update or Merge a list" this argument provides information about the destination CSV.
Get List Rejected Records GET/api/1/list/rejectedUploadRecords Retrieve the file containing rejected upload records returned by GET list upload status

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