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This page summarizes information on the Contact API endpoints that Act-On Software offers to developers and customers. You can click through to find details on each endpoint. For related APIs, take a look at the list APIs and the reporting APIs. For questions, please post to our developers forum.

All API calls to Act-On Software should be made to the "" base domain.

Customers wanting to access our API via our gateway in the EU can use this link: 

Method Name Endpoint Description
Add a Contact POST /api/1/list/{id}/record Add an individual contact to a list in Act-On.
Get Contact History and Score GET /api/1/list/{listid}/record/{recordid}/facts Get a contact record's activity facts and scores.
Get Contact Record GET /api/1/list/{listid}/record/{recordid} Download a contact record from a specific list in your account.
Update Contact by Record ID PUT /api/1/list/{listid}/record/{recordid} Update a contact in a list by record ID.
Update Contact Record by Email PUT /api/1/list/{listid}/record?email={emailaddress} Update an existing record or insert a new contact record by email address.
Delete a Contact DELETE /api/1/list/{listid}/record/{recordid} Remove an individual contact in a specific list in Act-On.
Get Subscription Categories GET /api/1/subscription/category Get the account subscription categories.
Get Opt-Outs by Subscription Category GET /api/1/subscription/optout Download list of records specifically opted out of a specific category
Update Subscriptions by Email PUT /api/1/subscription/optout Add/remove record to/from specific subscription category.
Get Opt-In Subscriptions by Email GET /api/1/subscription/category Get a list of subscription categories a contact has explicitly opted into
Set Multiple Subscriptions by Email PUT /api/1/subscription/setcategories Add/remove individual records from multiple subscription category by email address.
Get Contact Based on Cookie or Email GET /api/1/list/lookup/{listID} Gets contact record from list based on cookie ID and/or email address.

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