Integrating Oktopost with Act-On

Oktopost is a B2B social media marketing platform that lets you manage and measure publishing to social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, allowing you to track conversions generated from posting. By integrating with Act-On, you can coordinate your social networking posts with your e-mail campaigns, lead generation and analytics.

Using this simple integration with your landing page web-forms, you can capture information about leads that originate from social media, and automatically sync this with Act-On. For each lead generated, Oktopost synchronizes the exact social source into custom fields within the Act-On Marketing List.

The set-up is easy–just create custom fields within Act-On, and then select a Marketing List in Oktopost with which to synchronize the data. For details, see Set up an Act-On/Oktopost integration below.


How an Act-On/Oktopost integration works

Once the integration is activated, Act-On receives information on each and every social click, and stores the data as webpage visits. The information is then available for reporting, analytics, lead scoring, segmentation, and other uses.

Set up an Act-On/Oktopost integration

Behind the scenes, both Act-On and Oktopost have prepared for this integration, so that all you need to do is tell each app a few things about the other app so that they can effectively communicate.

To set up the integration you will:

  • In Act-On, add a set of fields to recieve Oktopost data, and make note of some of your account identifiers that Oktopost will use.
  • In Oktopost, perform a configuration that tells Oktopost to send data to your Act-On account.

Add Oktopost fields into Act-On

  1. Sign in to Act-On.

  2. At the top part of the screen click Lists.

  3. From the drop-down menu, select Standard Field Names.

  4. Scroll to the bottom and click Add.

  5. Add new fields (exactly as they appear below) to the list:

  6. Click Save Changes.

  7. Return to the home screen and click Website Visitors.

  8. In the top right corner click More and then Visitor Tracking Code for Website.

  9. Make a note of the values for AccountId and ServerContext that are displayed, so that you can use them step 5 below.:

  1. Set up a new CName for your domain that will point to, and make note of it for step 5 below.

    As an example, if your domain is, set up a CName of that points to

Configure Oktopost to send data to Act-On

  1. In Oktopost, hover over the arrow icon in the top right corner, and click Integrations.
  2. Click Act-On, and then Configure.
  3. Fill out your Act-On username and password and click Submit.
  4. Select the default list to which you want your Oktopost to sync.
  5. Fill out the AccountId, ServerContext and CNAME with the same data that you used in ActOn above.
  6. Click on the Submit button to complete the Act-On integration.

After the integration is configured, any lead that is captured using Oktopost will be added to the default Act-On list you selected as follows:

  • If the lead already exists in Act-On, Oktopost adds any new information to the lead’s record.
  • If the lead doesn’t exist yet in Act-On, it is added as a new record.
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