Request API Credentials and Get a Sandbox Account

There is no charge for your developer/sandbox account, however all Act-On accounts are rate limited (this includes both sandbox accounts and production accounts). The current maximum rate is 20 API calls per minute, and 5 authentication calls per hour. Production accounts are automatically given 1000 requests/day for the free API access tier.

This sandbox account is different from a paid Act-On account--it is thinly provisioned (just 10 active contacts, and one user). You log into your sandbox account just as you would with a paid Act-On account.

NOTE: When you request a sandbox/developer account, you need to provide us with a sandbox email address different from any address already in use with Act-On. We send your sandbox account client id and secret to the email address that you provide in your contact information (right after your name in the form below), not that new sandbox email address.

Provisioning of API credentials along with the sandbox account is generally done within 24-48 hours. If you need access sooner,  please ask your Customer Success Manager to expedite the process.

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