Request API Credentials

Interested in accessing Act-On's REST API? Please read this page before getting started.


To use our API, you will need:

  • An Act-On account – one or both of these:
    • Production (paid) account. You'll use a username and password for this account to make your production API calls.
    • Developer (test) account. This is used for testing your integrations before moving them to production. This account is identical to a production account, but it is restricted to one user and 10 Active Contacts.
  • A set of API credentials. This consists of a Client ID and Client Secret. These credentials are unique to your integration and are not tied to a specific account.

Calls to our authentication endpoints will require both your unique Client ID/Secret and a username/password for the specific account you are accessing.

Usage & Rate Limits

All accounts (developer and production) are limited for API use. The current maximums are:

  • Rate Limit: 5 API calls per second
  • Usage Limit: 30,000 total requests per day
  • Auth Requests: 5 authentication calls per hour
  • File Upload: 400MB per file

See our FAQ for more information.

Request Form

Provisioning is generally done within 24-48 hours after you submit this form.