API Overview

Calls to our authentication endpoints will require both your unique Client ID/Secret and a username/password for the specific account you are accessing. If you wish to request a developer account, please submit a request using this form.

If you are in Europe, you will want to update your base url to api-eu.actonsoftware.com

Usage and Rate Limits

All accounts (developer and production) are limited for API use. The current maximums are:

  • Rate Limit: 5 API calls per second
  • Usage Limit: 30,000 total requests per day
  • Auth Requests: 5 authentication calls per hour
  • File Upload: 400MB per file


To use our API, you will need:

  • An Act-On account – one or both of these:

    • Production account (paid). You'll use a username and password for this account to make your production API calls.
    • Sandbox account (free for developers). This is used for testing your integrations before moving them to production. This account is identical to a production account, but it is restricted to one user and 10 Active Contacts. We provide this account when you sign up for your API keys.
  • A set of API credentials. This consists of a Client ID and Client Secret. These credentials are unique to your integration and are not tied to a specific account.

    • If you don't already have API credentials, you can generate them in Act-On. Simply by signing in to your Act-On account as an administrator, go to Settings > Other Settings > Custom Account Settings > API Access Keys and choose Generate API Keys:



If you already have API keys, they will display as shown below. Only new API keys are displayed here while we migrate to the new API manager. Reach out to Support to view legacy API keys.