Grant-Type Code

Grant Type Code requests are disabled by default for new developer accounts. If you would like to enable this option, please contact Act-On Support with the callback URL you would like to use.

The grant type code method allows users to authorize your application to connect to their Act-On account and does not require you to store their username and password in your application.

Instead, they will be redirected to a page that requests an authorization. This will generate a one-time code that will be passed to your callback URL.

ParameterParameter TypeData TypeDescription
grant_typequerystringThe value must be set to 'authorization_code'
client_idquerystringThe Client ID found in your Act-On account.
client_secretquerystringThe Client Secret found in your Act-On account.
codequerystringThe value from the callback URL code parameter.
redirect_uriquerystringThe value must contain the redirect URL you set with Act-On Support.


The following example URL will send users to the authentication page:

Once the user has signed in and authorized the response containing the grant code is sent to your callback URL.


Your application will then use that code for the code parameter.


   "expires_in": 3600